Should Libraries Sanitize Their Books During the Pandemic?

Sanitize Books

Should Libraries Sanitize Their Books During the Pandemic?

Cleaning and caring for library books have always been important considerations in preserving collections. Now, however, COVID-19 introduces new concerns for how to keep both materials and patrons safe. Adding library book sanitization to the standard cleaning procedures is imperative in these unprecedented times.

Why Should Libraries Sanitize Books?

The novel coronavirus is primarily spread via droplets in the air from infected individuals. Even so, there is the potential for it to be transmitted when someone touches a contaminated surface and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about how long the virus lasts on different types of surfaces. As such, library personnel need to take precautions to reduce the likelihood that patrons will handle a contaminated book.

How Do You Sanitize Books?

Regular disinfectants are typically not an option for any books. At the most, they may be able to be used on books that are covered with polyethylene or polyester, but this process still misses the inside pages. Using ultra-violet light is another possibility. It does, however, come with essentially the same risks as chemical disinfectants.

The best method for library book sanitization is to quarantine the books. This does require keeping books out of circulation for, ideally, 14 days. Then, when patrons begin checking them out again, curbside delivery is recommended. This should be followed by another 14-day quarantine after the books are returned, and before they are available again for checkout.

Online Marketing

3 Ways to Navigate Online Marketing During a Pandemic

People worldwide are seeing the longer-lasting effects of the current pandemic. Since individuals are adapting to quarantine restrictions and social distancing practices, consumer purchasing habits are also changing. Unfortunately, many business owners are feeling the economic pinch as well. This is why adopting an effective online marketing strategy is crucial to maintaining customer visibility and vitality during a crisis. Here are ways to navigate through the current pandemic and other potential disasters.

1. Focus Your Message

Narrowing down your message to address the proper audience is essential. Consider how your message needs to shift or pivot to meet consumer needs. It’s also important to evaluate how your audience is looking for information so that you can find methods to create more visibility.

2. Demonstrate Your Product or Service

Consumers want to see what your product or service can do for them. They want to know how it will benefit their current lifestyle. Showcasing or highlighting your products or services is effective marketing strategy that digitally puts your product in the consumer’s hand.

3. Share Your Content

Since people are spending more time online, it’s essential to create compelling content and share it using a variety of digital platforms. Use social media and influencers to your advantage. These forms of inbound marketing are not only affordable but extremely effective. 

Businesses need an effective online marketing strategy to keep up with the world’s evolving dynamic. Producing consistent content is crucial. Keeping it simple and sticking with the basics can also be constructive.