What Home Health Services Are Covered by the Affordable Care Act?

What Home Health Services Are Covered by the Affordable Care Act?

Many people who rely on regular medical care find it difficult to venture outside the house for a variety of reasons. Ambulatory issues and lack of transportation are just two reasons why these individuals require care at home. These individuals may also rely on the affordable care act and home health care services are sometimes covered by this piece of legislation. Here are two kinds of care that these individuals can expect to receive.

Occasional Skilled Nursing Care

After a hospital visit, a person may need checkups to ensure he or she is recovering as expected. Alternatively, a person with an oxygen tank or an immune system vulnerability may require healthcare providers to come to the home. Nurses can check vital signs, monitor wounds, and recommend treatment, all in the safety of the home. The Affordable Care Act covers these visits.

Physical Therapy

After an illness, an individual may require help in regaining function of their body. A physical therapist can help him or her to move, flex, and stretch the affected area so he or she can return to normal activities or a modified form of functioning. These visits may take place once or twice or continue over the course of months. Under the Act, individuals can receive these services at home instead of the hospital.