Month: October 2019

Commercial Crime

Is It Time To Add Crime Coverage for Your Business?

Most of the time, your business model and industry make it easy to predict what kinds of insurance coverage you need. Building boats? Boat building and marina insurance. Running a store? General liability, inventory insurance, workers compensation, and more are dictated just by the structure of your company. You might not know everything you need when you start, but an insurer who works with companies in your industry should be able to guide you. What gets harder is understanding when your company has grown complex enough to need protection from criminal acts, especially commercial crime.

Theft Coverage vs. Commercial Crime

Most companies, especially those open to the public, carry some kind of protection against criminal acts. The basics are usually things like vandalism, fraud, and theft. Commercial crime coverage is about protecting yourself from crimes against your business that include a more robust set of protections, like insurance against alteration and forgery, protection for online transactions, and protection against employees acting against the business. As your business grows and its operations change, you might need to add or remove specific areas of coverage, and only a company that makes crime coverage its business will know how to meet your needs in the moment. That’s why it’s important to look at company websites like as you shop around. It will give you insight into your options.