Understanding Driver Shortages in Supply Chain Challenges

Understanding Driver Shortages in Supply Chain Challenges

Various factors have contributed to supply chain disruptions which are affecting a wide range of consumer markets. Manufacturing obstacles represent only a fraction of the problem, and there are formidable challenges in getting products that are ready to go to distribution facilities. A massive truck driver shortage has forced manufacturers to contend with unprecedented challenges in coordinating logistics for distribution.

Demand Increases

Growing consumer demand for certain items as well as changes in the way people are shopping have made interstate cargo needs higher than ever before. There simply aren’t enough drivers on the road to keep up with current demand levels.

Candidate Shortages

Fewer people are seeking CDL licenses and opting for less demanding job roles with comparable compensation. Many potential drivers have elected to drive local routes which have become increasingly important to large suppliers as more people have been shopping at home.

Industry Changes

Part of the general reticence that potential candidates may have about truck driving is the industry’s current mode of transition. Infrastructure is changing, autonomous vehicles’ development is accelerating, and environmental concerns about the carbon pollution of current fuel sources is heightening.

Companies who rely on truck transport in any aspect of their operations need smart and adaptive strategies to deal with the new landscape. Dynamic risk mitigation strategies can help them to withstand an array of challenges.