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Types of Insurance For Jewelers

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Because of the high value of the products being sold, jewelry liability insurance is absolutely essential for anyone working in the jewelry business. Ensuring comprehensive coverage means you will be well protected in the event of a robbery or other disaster that affects your business.

What Types of Jewelry Insurance Exist?

Typically, jewelry liability insurance consists of both block policy and standard policy options.

  1. Standard policies are generally taken out by smaller jewelry businesses, and may only cover up to $250,000 in inventory. Policies are fairly limited and will only cover specifically jewelry items (and not related products that your business may sell).
  2. Block policies are usually far larger and may offer more complete coverage for a wide range of liabilities that can arise in a jewelry business, including non-jewelry inventory, as well as other attendant risks that may arise in a jewelry business environment.

Working with a reputable and experienced insurer will help you build a coverage plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your business, and that sufficiently covers all risks that may arise in your place of work.

Given the potentially high stakes of a loss, and the significant value of any inventory that is sold, comprehensive jewelry liability insurance is essential for anyone working in the industry.

Why Professional Employer Organizations May Require Thorough Special Insurance

If you run a professional employer organization, or a PEO for short, you may require special staffing insurance and other types of targeted PEO insurance. Because PEOs face several risks in the normal course of business, having the appropriate insurance is an important part of maintaining company security and avoiding legal or financial problems. Here’s why your PEO could require special insurance.

It Could Provide Your PEO With Several Types of Employment Practices Liability Coverage

If you contract with staffers that you place at various agencies, you may require various types of employment practices liability coverage. For example, you might consider securing an insurance package that includes:

  • Protections for staff placed in various workplaces
  • Independent contractors coverage
  • Protections in the event of workplace violence or workplace injury claims
  • Third-party discrimination protections
  • Protections in the event of bullying claims

Your PEO Could Require Both General and Professional Liability Protections

Most, if not all, PEOs could benefit from general and professional liability coverage for both the staff and the management. As a baseline, be sure to include the following in your insurance coverage.

  • General liability coverage
  • Employee benefits liability coverage
  • Auto liability coverage
  • Staffing agency insurance
  • Worldwide professional liability coverage

For any professional employer organization with industry risks to mitigate, having the right PEO insurance in place is essential. Understanding why your PEO could benefit from thorough staffing insurance could help lead your organization to the best insurance package for its needs.

3 of the Best Eco-Friendly Classic Cars

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The reliable combustion engine is at the heart of the classic vehicle experience – but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

This is because a new breed of vintage machines is emerging: eco-friendly classics that run on batteries rather than gasoline and use electric motors instead of engines. Here a few best classic cars for the environment.

Jaguar E-type Zero

Each version of this reinvented icon will be restored and converted at the British firm’s Classic Works in Coventry, where it will get a 40kWh battery and electric motor, which will give it a range of roughly 170 miles and acceleration that is faster than the original Series 1.

Swind E Classic Mini

The Swind E Classic Mini is powered by an 80kw (110bhp) motor that can go 125 miles and reach 80mph when combined with a 24kWh battery. The 9.2 second 0-60 time of the upgraded pocket rocket is a lot faster than the original.

Electric GT Ferrari 308GTS

There is now a silent electric powertrain where there was formerly a snarling V8 that shot 250bhp through the vent-heavy Italian stallion’s rear wheels. One capable of delivering 330bhp. And it goes from 0 to 60 in under five seconds. That’s a far cry from a Nissan Leaf.

When searching for the best classic cars for the environment, one needs to look no further than the above vehicles. 

Tips for Developing Warehouse Maintenance Plans

Managing a warehouse requires good preventative maintenance policies. Taking steps to keep warehouses in clean and well-organized condition will help to enhance productivity while also keeping workers safe. Having a solid warehouse maintenance plan in place will enable companies to avoid serious liability and loss.

Equipment Maintenance

Warehouse equipment has to be kept in good working condition. A sudden equipment failure could significantly delay a site’s operations or even cause injury. Managers need to implement maintenance protocols to prevent equipment from malfunctioning.

Pest Control

Warehouses may be a very attractive environment for many different types of pests. Preventative extermination can proactively address infestations that could damage a warehouse’s inventory.

HVAC Service

Keeping a warehouse at the right temperature may be critical to its operations. In addition to being able to control the temperature with ease, warehouse owners must assure that the quality of the air is not making workers sick. A preventative maintenance plan from a reputable HVAC contractor can keep systems operating efficiently and safely.

Storage Optimization

Warehouses need to make the most of their available space. They should perform periodic inspections to assure that they are using space well and that all storage structures are functional.

Smart maintenance policies will make warehouses as profitable as possible. They can also safeguard owners against considerable liability exposure.

Home Health Care: How To Protect Your Patients and Staff

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The healthcare industry has its share of risks. For medical providers who provide at-home services, there are specific risks that you need to be aware of; otherwise, your company could face a variety of claims. To keep your claims to a minimum, you need to invest in risk management in home health care.

What Is Risk Management?

Risk management includes various measures that your company takes to protect your staff and employees. For example, it may include extensive training for caregivers, whether the training is in communication, medical devices, or handling a patient gently. Risk management is meant to reduce insurance claims and injuries.

How Does Risk Management Help?

Risk management allows you and your staff to be prepared for different risks. For example, if one of the most common patient accidents is falling, then risk management can help you figure out how to reduce the falls. Programs that train employees on handling patients or how to ensure that the environment is safe for those with mobility or balance issues are critical.

At a patient’s home, you have less control over the environment. This is why you must have a risk management plan in place, along with appropriate insurance coverages. Accidents happen, but you can do your best to reduce those risks.