Is Temporary Work Right for You? 3 Questions To Ask Before Deciding

Is Temporary Work Right for You? 3 Questions To Ask Before Deciding

Temporary work can be an attractive option for many people. It’s a good idea to ask yourself these three questions before deciding if it is right for you. 

1. How Long Can Temp Work Last?

The question of how long is temporary work can vary depending on a few factors. First, companies that hire temporary workers directly must comply with federal labor laws. These limit temporary workers to 1040 hours per year, which may be sufficient to cover a vacancy due to FMLA or an injury. However, staffing or temp agencies may be able to place their employees at a company for up to a year of full-time work. 

2. Can An Assignment Be Extended?

Despite the one-year cap, temporary workers may be able to stay on with a company for an additional year by extending their contract. This can help maintain stability for both the employee and company. 

3. What About Insurance?

If you are hired as a temporary employee directly through a company, any benefits will likely come from them. This includes things like workers’ comp insurance. However,r if you are working with a staffing company, you will likely be considered one of their employees. In that case, all benefits would flow through the agency responsible for your placement. This is a nice feature since it creates some continuity even if you frequently move between placements. 

Temporary work offers variety and convenience, but you should understand the process, including how long assignments can last and how benefits are calcualted before making a commitment.