What Does Active Shooter Insurance Cover

What Does Active Shooter Insurance Cover

Unfortunately, there has been a steady increase in gun-related violence in the United States over the last few decades. Aside from the obvious tragedies that result, there is a variety of consequences that result from active shooters. Here are a few ways that active shooter insurance can protect you and your company.

In the aftermath of the assault, victims and their families may seek restitution from those responsible. Legally, you as the business owner are included in this category. An active shooter insurance policy can protect you from losing your business or other assets should you be taken to court.

Property Damage

Bullets can cause extensive damage to walls, furnishings, computers, windows, and other features and fixtures of your business. If the assailant used an automatic- or semi-automatic weapon, you might be facing hundreds of bullet holes throughout your property. An active shooter insurance policy can help you replace these items quickly and without additional expense.

Loss of Attraction Coverage

In the months or years after a violent attack, people may be wary of visiting your establishment for fear of future attacks or because of the traumatic memories associated with it. This is particularly true of businesses that center on entertainment, such as nightclubs, movie theaters, malls. Your policy can compensate you for revenue lost during this period.

Active shooters can have devastating effects on the people around them, but the right insurance policy can help you and your business recover from the financial consequences.