Understanding the Ins and Outs of Hotel Insurance

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Hotel Insurance

The hospitality sector is a large and lucrative one. As a hotel owner/operator, you are likely intimately familiar with the complexities of the business, understanding both the rewards of the field and the inherent risks.

Given the nature of the business, carrying reliable hotel insurance is paramount. As you work to find the right insurance policy, understanding a little more about what a program should cover — and how to weigh related factors, like hotel insurance cost — is essential.

What Should Hotel Insurance Cover?

The specifics of any hotel insurance program, and consequently hotel insurance cost, will be based on the unique attributes of a given hotel. How many beds does your establishment have? How many employees? Do you serve food? Questions like these will impact what a policy should cover.

In general, coverage may include some or all of the following:

  • General liability coverage
  • Innkeeper’s liability coverage
  • Liquor liability coverage (if alcohol is served on the premises)
  • Employee coverages, including workers compensation coverage

In general, the actual list of policies and coverages will likely be substantially longer, depending on size and scope of your given operation. For best results in finding a hotel insurance program that works for you, it is important to have a detailed conversation with an experienced insurance provider.