Top 2 Reasons Why Healthcare Facilities Need Cyber Insurance

Top 2 Reasons Why Healthcare Facilities Need Cyber Insurance

Category : Cyber Liability

Those who work in the healthcare industry know the importance of a comprehensive insurance package. Due to high expectations and heightened emotions, healthcare workers must be insured to protect against the repercussions of any lawsuits related to accidents or missteps. Similarly, the healthcare industry faces unique risks in regard to cyber safety, as a breach can mean the difference between life and death. 

1. Downed Systems

If any business systems become unavailable due to a cyber attack, doctors and nurses may no longer be able to do their jobs. They lose access to vital information about patients, preventing them from being able to administer medicine or treatment in a timely manner. Cyber insurance for healthcare professionals keeps any resulting issues at bay. 

2. Stolen Data 

Another issue with compromised systems is that cyber breaches give hackers access to personal information. Not only can they use this as a means of identity theft, but it provides them with confidential health data for both individual patients and the medical facility as a whole.

No matter what a hacker intends to accomplish through a system breach, a cyber attack can bring a fast-paced, efficient medical facility to its knees. Cyber insurance for healthcare facilities is therefore a necessity that ensures a successful experience for patients and affords medical professionals the peace of mind they need to focus on their jobs.