Steps To Take Before Living on Your Sailboat

Steps To Take Before Living on Your Sailboat

Category : Marine Insurance

A summer spent sailing around familiar and foreign seas can be one you never forget. While setting off for adventure can be thrilling, you also want to dedicate time and energy to review a few basic points of safety. If you fail to take out the right insurance or plan ahead for certain scenarios, you could wind up in a terrible predicament. For example, you should start budgeting for this trip at least a year before you depart. Living abroad is expensive and you want to have a ton of extra cash stowed away.

Review Basic Insurance Options

Beyond planning from a financial perspective, you also want to take out an insurance plan that covers any possible risk you will encounter on the water. The last thing you want is for a simple accident during a short-term docking experience to completely end your trip before it even got started. Work with an insurance agent to learn more about sailboat insurance for liveaboard experiences and it can provide you with invaluable insight on what coverage options you need to pursue. Other points you should keep in mind with living aboard your sailboat include:

  • A plan for obtaining fresh water
  • Seasonal concerns and threats
  • Length of trip and exact course

Take the Right Precautionary Steps

By taking time to understand the ins and outs of living aboard your sailboat in advance, you can ensure that your trip is nothing but excitement and adventure. Learn more about your insurance options to discover how you can keep your vessel protected at all times.