A New Concept for Dealing With Workplace Injuries

A New Concept for Dealing With Workplace Injuries

Category : Employee Benefits

As a business leader you recognize that, despite all the precautions your company can take, accidents happen. In their training, supervisors and employees are all made aware of the routines to follow when an injury occurs. Now experts are taking an enhanced look at the transition between the moment of an injury and an employee’s return to the work floor. New concepts are making the process work better for all involved.

Finding Better Ways to Deal With Job-Related Health Issues

One productive new idea to deal with jobsite health concerns is a Telephonic Nurse Triage Program. In a nutshell, when an injury occurs, rather than sending an employee home or to a clinic, the injured person phones the triage nurse who can assess the situation and immediately determine the best treatment options. The program has proven to have several benefits:

  • It cuts down on lost workdays as well a worker’s comp claims
  • It automatically steers employees to the proper medical provider
  • It offers prompt, proper medical advice for clinic or in-home care

Keeping Your Workforce Healthy Is a Necessity

For the sake of productivity and worker morale, maintaining good healthcare practices is always essential. Considering the incredibly tight labor market, which is forecast to continue throughout the remainder of the decade, it is all the more important to keep employees healthy.