How Septic Insurance Protects Your Business

How Septic Insurance Protects Your Business

Category : Insurance Coverage

Working in the sewage and septic business is not always the most glamorous work. Jobs can be dirty, and a number of potential risks are omnipresent — including risks around pollution, employee injury, and more.

For these reasons and other, comprehensive septic insurance is essential in the industry. A thorough insurance policy will ensure your business is well-protected, your workers are safe, and your clients are in good hands.

What Does Septic Insurance Cover?

Specifics of a given septic insurance policy will vary from company to company. Nevertheless, in most cases they should cover standard operations for a septic business. This may include the following:

  • General liability and professional liability coverage
  • Pollution coverage
  • Commercial automobile coverage
  • Relevant equipment coverage
  • Workers compensation coverage

Other policies — like cyber crime coverage, as well as various excess insurance policies — may be applicable, depending on the specific nature of your business. Your insurer may also be able to assist in reviewing your operations, to help institute better risk management and safety procedures.

Ultimately, whether your business is installing septic tanks, cleaning grease traps, doing wastewater remediation, or similar work, septic and other relevant insurance are essential to keeping your business healthy. Working with an experienced insurer, you can design a policy that sufficiently covers your operations.