How Companies Can Nurture Healthy Relationships With Their Volunteer Workers

How Companies Can Nurture Healthy Relationships With Their Volunteer Workers

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If your company regularly relies on volunteers to support the business and keep essential functions going, you may want to learn more about the iron hug method. This unique approach allows you to nurture healthy relationships with your volunteers and let them know they’re appreciated. Here’s why it matters.

When in Doubt, Put the IRON Principle Into Play

If you’re not sure how you can reach out to your volunteers to make them feel welcomed and appreciated, simply follow the IRON rule of thumb. This acronym invites companies to:

  • Include formal and clear-cut expectations in your volunteer policies
  • Resolve volunteer conflicts quickly, diplomatically and efficiently
  • Openly discuss corporate processes to help volunteers learn the ropes
  • Never reject volunteer suggestions out of hand before first hearing them out

Make Your Volunteers Feel Like a Valued Part of Your Company

The key to establishing long-lasting and healthy volunteer relationships is to make sure all volunteers feel truly valued. You can make your volunteers feel like part of the company if you:

  • Ensure volunteers feel comfortable communicating their experiences, discussing their needs and providing essential feedback
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards volunteers and help welcome them into the company culture
  • Thank your volunteers for their efforts and recognize their achievements

For any company that relies on volunteer labor, implementing the iron hug can make a major difference in establishing and maintaining healthy volunteer relationships. Consider putting this approach to use right away.