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Employee Dishonesty

How Insurance Protects Businesses from Employee Crimes

When you hire new employees, you trust your research and intuition to help you make the best additions. However, some employees can betray that trust and harm your establishment. The inclusion of employee dishonesty insurance to your business provides several benefits that can assist you after a crime.

Wide Incident Coverage

This type of insurance covers a wide net of potential crimes and misdeeds done against your organization. Expect theft to be a covered risk, ranging from small office supplies to major equipment. Embezzlement and other forms of fraud are included. The insurance plan can also help if employees damage property or lie about completed work hours.

Plan Flexibility 

This policy is flexible enough to meet your business demands. You can choose to apply it to specific employees or the entire staff. There is also the option of purchasing it as a separate product or as part of a package. An agent will work with you to create the best plan.

Established Code of Conduct

As, a solid plan helps establish an adaptable code of conduct. The severity of an employee’s actions varies depending on several factors, such as time. Insurance policy encourages you to review and update said code, which also changes the plan.

Employee crime and misbehavior are difficult to acknowledge, but it is important to protect your company. The benefits of an employee dishonesty plan help you deal with losses.

Marine Insurance

Professional Liability for Marine Surveyors

Liability insurance is a must-have in any industry, but for those companies that operate in sensitive or high-risk areas of industry, it’s even more essential than for most. It’s also important that your insurance reflects the exact niche and industry where you operate because the professional obligations and liabilities of companies providing legal or financial services are vastly different than those of companies in manufacturing or natural resource extraction. Marine surveyor insurance is no exception, in fact, when it comes to the importance of customized liability coverage, it might be better to think of it as the rule.

Learn More About Marine Surveyor Liability Coverage

Unsure if your coverage meets all your needs as a marine surveyor? Merrimac Marine Insurance provides a quick rundown of the essential components of coverage that marine businesses need to concern themselves with, and it’s worth a look if you’re trying to be sure you have all the right insurance for your business. It’s also worth considering whether a customized professional liability policy could fold in additional types of insurance and riders to cover risks unique to your business. After all, even if all marine surveyors have different needs from other marine businesses, that doesn’t mean they all have the same needs. Finding an insurer who commits to truly customizable coverage means getting exactly what your company needs at every stage of its development.


Choosing the Right Insurance for Dredging Operations

Dredging operations are a necessary component of the commercial marine industry, but it comes with a range of associated risks. Understanding these risks is the first step in ensuring your company has adequate coverage for any dredging project.

Protecting the Environment

The environmental effects of dredging can be many and varied. There are risks involved in wildlife, vegetation, and ecosystems through the dredging itself and the transport of removed materials. According to Merrimac, some of the potential impacts include:

  • Contamination of habitats
  • Loss of wildlife
  • Mass marine die-offs
  • Loss of erosion control

Protecting People

Workers involved in dredging operations are at risk of on-the-job injuries. The cause of injuries can range from normal work activities to accidents that are the result of equipment failure. There is also the potential for injury to third-party individuals.

Protecting Property

The day-to-day operations of dredging equipment can put a lot of stress on machinery and vessel. In addition, there is the risk of fire associated with running high-pressure systems that require fuel to function.

Procuring dredging insurance is one way in which you can protect your company from the risks associated with performing a vital service for the marine industry. Knowing the range of risk exposures will ensure you choose a policy that protects the environment, people, and property.

Homeowners Rights

Legal Rights in an HOA Community

Moving into a community with an acting homeowner’s association (HOA) is something to consider any time you are faced with relocating. For the most part, monthly dues provide positive oversight of the neighborhood. However, sometimes HOAs can stray from neutrality and attempt to assert policies that aren’t in the bylaws. This is why it is important to understand homeowners rights in HOA communities.

1. Enforcing Rules Unequally

If an HOA is going to enforce any regulations, they must be documented and provided in the covenants beforehand. And even if they are, the association can’t fine one homeowner for an infraction and then allow their neighbor to slide for breaking the same rule.

2. Discriminating

As explained by, the Fair Housing Act prevents HOAs from fining, banning, or preventing the residency of a person based on race, religion or any other protected status. Though it seems like common sense, there are cases where the issue was pressed and an HOA found themselves in the courtroom.

3. Bucking Federal Laws

No board member or association is going to win a battle with a federal law or entity. One example of this relates to the installation of a satellite dish. An FCC act passed in 1996 essentially prohibits an HOA from demanding you take down your dish or otherwise prevent it from being installed.

Thayer Innes

Tips to Protect Your Business from Liability

If you own a small business, you probably know that even a single lawsuit can mean having to close your doors. While this is true, there are steps you can take to prevent issues and liability, which are found here.

Purchase the Right Insurance

According to Thayer Innes, having the right insurance is the best way to protect your business from liability lawsuits. While each business’s insurance needs are unique, purchasing products, commercial property liability, and general liability coverage are recommended.

Maintain High Standards

Know your business practices down to the very last detail and work with your employees to create high standards for each step of your service or product. When you know how things should be done, you can begin enforcing these standards at every turn.

Test Your Guidelines

Once you establish your standards, you need to test people and processes to ensure they are living up to them. If not, you need to figure out what has gone wrong and what you can do to fix the issue. Failure to do this may result in a liability lawsuit down the road.

Protecting your business takes time and effort. However, when you use the right steps and put the right processes in place, you can reduce the likelihood of a liability lawsuit being filed against your business.

Commercial Crime

Is It Time To Add Crime Coverage for Your Business?

Most of the time, your business model and industry make it easy to predict what kinds of insurance coverage you need. Building boats? Boat building and marina insurance. Running a store? General liability, inventory insurance, workers compensation, and more are dictated just by the structure of your company. You might not know everything you need when you start, but an insurer who works with companies in your industry should be able to guide you. What gets harder is understanding when your company has grown complex enough to need protection from criminal acts, especially commercial crime.

Theft Coverage vs. Commercial Crime

Most companies, especially those open to the public, carry some kind of protection against criminal acts. The basics are usually things like vandalism, fraud, and theft. Commercial crime coverage is about protecting yourself from crimes against your business that include a more robust set of protections, like insurance against alteration and forgery, protection for online transactions, and protection against employees acting against the business. As your business grows and its operations change, you might need to add or remove specific areas of coverage, and only a company that makes crime coverage its business will know how to meet your needs in the moment. That’s why it’s important to look at company websites like as you shop around. It will give you insight into your options.

commercial insurance florida

Protecting Florida Businesses

Protecting Florida Businesses

When it comes to risks in your business, you need an insurance policy that protects you when your plan details. Commercial insurance in Florida helps your business operate smoothly, even when things go wrong.

Commercial Insurance Policies

The last thing you want is a one-size-fits-all policy that offers protection, just not the kind you need. Your business faces risks unique to the industry and market you serve, which is why an insurance policy should be tailored to meet your needs and face those risks head-on. To do that, an agent will need to conduct an analysis of your business and industry to determine the scope and limits of a policy that best reflects your needs. Coverage options for your commercial policy include the following:

General and professional liability
Cyber liability
Workers’ compensation
Employment practices liability
Directors and officers liability
Commercial property
Surety bonds
Commercial umbrella

You can also add this insurance onto an already existing policy to fill in any gaps or enhance the policy you currently have. If you are worried about future risks, an agent can also assess potential threats to your business and create a policy that mitigates that.

Policies Built for Your Business

Your business is unique and should have a unique insurance policy. If you own a business and want to be protected from unexpected and potentially disastrous events, then you need commercial insurance in Florida.

Professional Liability Insurance Programs for Real Estate Firms

Real Estate Firms: How to Fight the Disgruntled Client

Real Estate Firms: How to Fight the Disgruntled Client

Lawsuits happen. They particularly happen on the regular when it comes to the real estate industry. People have a lot of money tied up in the business, so it makes sense for suits to happen. This is exactly why a firm needs professional liability insurance for real estate firms.

What Is Real Estate Insurance?

As a real estate firm, you do everything that you can to please your client. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough. There are always going to be clients who are unhappy with their service. Sometimes, this might be due to a miscalculation on your part and other times, it may be because the client was unable to receive what he or she wanted.

This is where professional liability insurance programs for real estate firms come into play. It’s important to have proper coverage to fight against claims.

Negligence and Errors

If your firm is facing losses due to errors, negligence or any other omissions in your services, then you should have insurance to back you up. These fees can end up too costly for most people to deal with. In this case, it’s better to have insurance to pay. Otherwise, your whole firm will suffer the loss.

When it comes to professional liability for real estate firms, it’s impossible to go without it. You can never predict when something might happen and if you’ll be prepared for it without insurance.

dublin insurance agency

How to Build a Positive Relationship With Your Insurance Agency

How to Build a Positive Relationship With Your Insurance Agency

When it comes to business insurance, it’s important for the company to establish a good relationship with the insurance company. The more that your Dublin insurance company understands your business, the more specialized your options will be. The underwriter develops commercial insurance premiums. They do use some individual judgment in the process. Luckily, there are some strategies to building positive relationships with your agency.

Value Your Agent

Your agent provides you with a service that your business strongly needs. It’s important that you value the work he or she does for you. If you have a good relationship with your agent, then odds are, he or she is going to go the extra mile for you. If you value him or her, then he or she will value you more.

Communicate With Agent

Communication is key to every relationship, particularly your relationship with an insurance agency. To maintain a positive relationship, you need to have fair communication skills. Don’t be afraid to tell the agent what you need and tell him or her what you don’t like. Never be afraid to speak your mind. This will keep you in good standing with the agent. Business insurance is complicated. It’s important that you don’t have to navigate it alone. This is why it’s important to keep a positive relationship with your Dublin insurance agency.

How to take care of a baby

The Basics of Caring for a Newborn

Being a new parent can be an exciting and scary experience. There are many expectations that go with caring for a new child, and learning how to take care of a baby can be a long and detailed process that doesn’t quite compare with real life. However, by mastering the basics, you may find you have an easier time.

Babies, especially newborns, require plenty of sleep. It can take some time to regulate a sleeping schedule, which is why so many new parents are sleep deprived. Research quality cribs or arrange other sleeping arrangements to make things easiest for you and your child.

There’s plenty of debate about whether breastfeeding or formula is best. In reality, you should do what is best for you and your baby. Breastfeeding has many health benefits for both mother and child, but if you have trouble breastfeeding, there’s no need to be ashamed about resorting to formula.

Keeping a baby clean is also important, so learn the proper way to hold/handle a baby, bathe a baby and change diapers. Regular doctor visits are essential, and can help you learn how to take care of a baby in a relaxed and professional environment. Babies require lots of attention and care, but taking care of yourself should be a priority as well. While it may be stressful to learn so many new life skills, raising a healthy and happy child can be incredibly rewarding.